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lemonade_drink's Journal

"I slip in and out of cultures like a thief in the noche"

If this were only true for more people. I'm not emo. I'm not hardcore. I'm myself.. I like candy... like MC peepants... I don't want to take over the world. I like sugar filled muffins and i like bagels. Pancakes and tacos are my favorite foods... not combined of course you sick freak. I like to dance stupid. I have a blinking problem (some call it staring-- I call it a looking away deficiency)..... I like concerts.. I don't like half of the people that go to them now... people are dumb.... don't listen to anteaters.. they spread lies... if you blink when looking at the sun there is a chance you might fall into an alternate dimension on the brink of metamorphosis.... yeah i like words... language.... knowledge is power as Frederick Douglass says... I don't like to take long walks on the beach.. sand crabs lay in there squirming underneath your steps... it's kind of gross to me.. haha. i listen to a lot of music. my experiences influence the styles i progress into. i'm learning all the time about life and the things that surround me. television and mass media are cool sometimes they help to herd cattle and enlighten the educated people. neato speedo. i like to bake cookies, and eat muffins from my local grocer. mmmmmm, processed food that clogs my arteries. who said that just because you know something is not good for you that knowing is enough to stop you? ha. Reading books and looking at pictures is what I do best. I draw and paint of course because that is passion but i'd rather do it then constantly talk about it if you know what I mean. I blur borders and try to see how things are interconnected. "everything is related to everything else" - barry commoner.